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September 16, 2014

BeTheGood Cents of Style - Blogger Challenge Accepted
We wanted this #BeTheGood campaign to go viral, and what better way than to challenge some of our blogging friends! We challenged, and they accepted! We have had an outpouring of bloggers both big and small finding ways to be the good. You can read some of their stories on our first posts series here and some more stories below. See a lot more on our #BeTheGood Campaign Page and on Instagram throughout the week.

Sara Sabaliauskas - Sabby Style - BeTheGood

Sara Sabaliauskas

Sara accepted our challenge and chose to donate to a cause that is near and dear to her heart – Dog Rescue and Adoption! She tells a very personal story about how they rescued Roger from Little White Dog Rescue and I confess I got a little emotional. Thank you for that awesome story and the reminder about how we can all help out with this noble cause!

Jackie Welling - Little J Style - BeTheGood

Jackie Welling

Ever wanted to see the face of the Starbucks customer behind you in line when she gets to the counter and finds out her order has already been paid for? Well Jackie still has to wait for the look on that customer’s face… but she did it! She paid it forward for the next customer in line and the satisfaction that she made someone’s day and hopefully they paid it forward is reward enough. So easy, yet SOOO awesome!

Hayley Stayner Byars - Hay Hush - BeTheGood

Hayley Stayner Byars

How many RedBox rentals could you get for $5? With tax and even a forgetful late day… you could at least get a few rentals out of that! And thanks to Hayley, one lucky RedBox customer is getting just that. Way to pay it forward Hayley! I wish I knew what RedBox machine you put that $5 in :-)

Kayla Otineru - A Darling Dream - BeTheGood

Kayla Otineru

Ever since Kayla was a little girl, she has had a soft spot in her heart for animals. So when she received our challenge, she knew she wanted to do something with the animal shelter. She loves to visit the shelter even though she always wants to leave with one of the animals. But knowing that taking a little puppy or kitten home every time is not realistic, she decided to donate beds so at least those animals could be comfortable until their new owner comes to take them home. The shelter was excited. Kayle was happy. And we’re grateful for the story! Thanks Kayla!

Ariel Hamilton - Auteur Ariel - BeTheGood

Ariel Hamilton

We love the “Pay It Forward” stories we are receiving. Ariel was out at dinner with her husband and they noticed a man sitting next to them that looked like he could use some help. They quietly asked the waiter to add his bill to their tab then left. Ariel says, “I’ll never know how the old man reacted to hearing that his dinner was paid for, but I’ll always remember that feeling Connor and I left with.” Wonderful story and thanks for sharing!

Nichole Smith - Younique By Nichole - Be The Good

Nichole Smith

Nichole barely needed to be challenged before she was willing to get out and do good. She took her family out to a truck stop in the hills of Fairbanks, Alaska to get some pie (added to my wishlist!) and to help others smile. She didn’t expect to find out about an assisted learning facility nearby, but without skipping a beat, they finished their pie and headed over to visit with some elderly ladies and gentlemen. What a great reminder for all of us to make someone smile by spending a few minutes visiting. Being Good doesn’t always require spending money… you can make someone’s day by saying hello or listening to their story. Thanks Nichole! And seriously… you’re welcome to send us some pie :-)

Rebecca Hillyard - Cella Jane - BeTheGood

Rebecca Hillyard

Cella Jane

Target, Starbucks, and flowers. The 3 best words any woman can hear in the same sentence! And Becky knew that, so she helped out a few mommies at Target by donating some yummy lattes and flowers. We all wish we were those mommies at that Target! What a sweet idea. Thanks for sharing! I’m sure you made those ladies’ day a little bit easier!