Love Every #MOMENT

From the moment you found out you were going to be a mother, your world changed forever. You became responsible for a life. Your purpose became greater. Your reasons for living evolved and your ability to love grew deeper than you ever thought possible. You became somebody’s everything.

Motherhood, as you know, isn’t an easy venture. It’s full of thankless tasks that are never quite fulfilled; Sleepless nights that seem to last forever and guilt—oh, the guilt that accompanies being a mom. Your picture perfect idea of motherhood is crushed every single day and you wonder how you will ever do it all. Tantrums are thrown, juices are spilled, cereal boxes are dumped out. The laundry continues to pile up and the messes seem to make themselves. And although the days are daunting and the patience unbearable there is something that keeps us going day after day.

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Because amidst all the chaos there are the moments. The “I love you’s,” the kisses, the tight hand holds to cross the street. There are tears that need to be wiped, knees that need bandaging, and tender hearts that need fixing. There are the victories of learning how to tie a shoe or ride a bike. There are the bashful smiles that come with a pretty ponytail and some of mommy’s pink lipstick. There are the casual conversations about finger painting and Lego towers. Life is not just about the big scheduled events with preparation and planning. The moments with the greatest impact are the ones that happen in between. And in each of those moments there is you. Because you are what matters most.

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This Mother’s Day we thank you for being part of those moments. Because although they may be small, the impact they have will last a lifetime. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Jane!