It’s Small Business Saturday and we’re celebrating like no other! Here at Jane, our goal is to give small retailers and boutiques the opportunity to showcase their items and grow their business. So let’s just say this shopping day was pretty much MADE for us. Jane has 2,000+ sellers from sea to shining sea. These stellar ladies (and a few gentlemen) sell everything from kid’s shoes to kitchen appliances to the latest in women’s fashion. Jane prides itself on having unique items, and it’s all due to our sellers! 

To capture how truly incredible Jane sellers are, we’ve made a little video highlighting the journey of one of our sellers, Look Here Jane. While the company started as a way for Chris Carlisle to make some extra cash, after selling on Jane, it grew into a booming business. This success allowed Chris and her husband to quit their jobs and devote themselves full time to Look Here Jane. Take a look at this video below…

For many of our sellers, like Look Here Jane, starting their own business not only gives them extra cash, but it gives them the chance to spend more time with their families. And to us, THAT is what it’s all about—being able to achieve the American Dream without sacrificing time with your loved ones. They’re so passionate about what they do and so great at finding unique products. Over the years, we’ve been able to share their stories in our Seller Spotlight series. And with each new story we hear, we fall head over heels. Let’s just say it’s a major honor to be part of their journey.

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It makes us feel a little nostalgic, knowing that our co-founders Mike and Megan McEwan (pictured below) went down that same road when they started Jane in their basement and grew it into the incredible company it is today.

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In sum, we at Jane love our fabulous sellers—they’re the foundation we stand on (and the wind beneath our wings). So this year, please support our sellers by shopping Small Business Saturday. Every day (and every dollar) counts toward helping these sellers succeed.

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