It’s Jane’s 10th birthday! We’re celebrating 10 years of great deals, 10 years of endless fun and so much more to come! As part of our festivities, we’ve teamed up with @brunoandlibby to show you how to create the perfect party tablescape for all your celebrations and occasions.

How to Choose a Theme

Pick Your Occasion

First, pick your occasion. Holiday? Wedding? Birthday? A fancy family dinner just for fun? Whatever the occasion, you’ll want your tablescape to properly represent the mood.

Find Your Inspiration

After you’ve picked the occasion, it’s time to find your inspiration. Social media, blogs, even magazines, are all fantastic places to find the inspo and creativity you need. Search your favorite shopping sites too, you never know when that must-have decoration will jump out and become the centerpiece of your tablescape.

Gather Your Materials

Gather everything you need beforehand so you’re not rushing last-minute for that forgotten piece.Consider your event.How many guests will attend? What food will be served? Will the food be served on the table, or buffet style? Ask yourself these questions while you plan your tablescape as they can determine the amount of usable space.

How to Build Your Tablescape

Clean Your Surface

No one wants to put together an entire tablescape only to find the table wasn’t clean to begin with!

Decorate the Table

Lay down your tablecloth or runner, as well as placemats if you’ll be using them. Consider it almost like your base coat of paint before the real fun begins!

Next, build your centerpiece. Begin with any items that need to fit on the table, like large serving platters or other bulky dishes. Work your way up. Don’t add your accents until all the basics are set.

As you decorate, consider the Rule of Threes. This design principle teaches that arrangements of threes are considered the most visually appealing. Think about using three main colors, or maybe three types of flowers, etc.

Tip: You don’t want to create displays that are so tall your guests can’t see who they’re talking to. Remember, a tablescape is meant to enhance the occasion, not distract from it.

Make Your Place Settings

Lastly, it’s time to make your place settings. Be sure to add a personal touch! Give your guests a name tag, or a little trinket they can take home. It’s nice to help them feel special.

Let’s Eat Cake

Whether you choose to bake or buy, no celebration is complete without cake, so we’ve brought @therollingpintn to create the most delicious birthday cake, with some Jane flair! Sometimes ordering a cake can help take away some added stress and give you more time to plan, perfect, and PARTY!

You’re now ready to create the perfect party. Find all the supplies and inspo you need on Jane to get started, and don’t forget to celebrate our 10th birthday with top deals! (How about a Jane birthday tablescape? 😉) Happy creating!