It can be hard to find a gift that’s as special as Mom. But with a little bit of brainstorming, research and creativity, you can give her something unforgettable. Here are some tips to help you hunt down the perfect present.

Write Down Her Interests

Does she like dogs? Watching romantic comedies? Planting flowers in the garden? Write down anything and everything Mom likes, just to get ideas flowing. Once you’ve made a list, you can begin to think of gifts that celebrate her interests. Maybe a funny pet-related graphic tee, an art print featuring her favorite movie quote or some cute signs to put next to the plants in her garden.


Do Your Research

Social media can be an insightful way to find a gift she’ll love. Check out her Pinterest board to see what she likes (ex: fashion, decor, books), look through her Facebook and Instagram posts or hunt down her Amazon wishlist. You might just find exactly what she’s looking for—or at the very least, get some more inspiration. You can also simply search the web for gifts inspired by Mom’s interests from your list above.


Once you’ve completed these two steps, it’s time to find her gift. Here’s how you can make it memorable.

Make Something Homemade

Gifts from the heart speak volumes. If buying her something doesn’t seem special enough, try the homemade route. Put together videos and photos together into a video for her (be sure to have tissues on hand), a homemade succulent planter that spells out “Mom” (you can also use silk flowers), fancy coasters or this sweet bouquet. Not to mention a homemade card. Meaningful words can be the most heartfelt present of all.

Create a Gift Basket

If you can’t decide on one gift for Mom, a gift basket is the perfect way to go. To tie everything together, give your basket a theme. If Mom loves going to the beach, give her a kit filled with a mix of fun, unique items and a few practical ones. Some ideas include stylish sunglasses, sunscreen, her favorite snacks, waterproof speaker, a microfiber towel (so sand brushes right off), towel anchors and more. Or maybe she’s a bookworm. Give her a couple of new books, a tote with her favorite book cover on it, a mug, a candle that smells like books, a vintage book Kindle case, a graphic tee or whatever else you think she’ll love!


Try Something Personalized


What do you get the woman who has it all? Something personalized. Does your mom wear her heart on her sleeve? Get her something that helps her really display that. To show her love of her kids or grandkids, get her a necklace with their birthstones. To make her style stand out, put her initials on a fashionable purse. Or get someone to create a beautiful personalized portrait of your family.


Give Her An Experience

Getting a gift is nice, but creating an experience can be even more memorable. For example, if you want to make Mom something homemade like facial scrubs (this simple coffee scrub is divine), surprise her with an in-home spa experience. Or if your mom a fan of tea, get her a fancy hat and take her to a local tea shop that serves an afternoon tea fit for a queen. Or make finding her gift really exciting. On the topic of food, you really can’t go wrong with a tasting—whether that’s wine, coffee or chocolate. She’ll get to sample her favorite food or drink and get to spend time with you! Last of all, if your Mom likes puzzles, create a scavenger hunt to find her gift or orchestrate an in-home escape-room experience. It will be a memory she won’t forget.

We hope these tips helped! What’s the best gift you’ve ever received as a mom or given to your own mom? Share in the comments below. And to find even more unique Mother’s Day gifts, check out our Mother’s Day collection.