Summer called. It wants its wardrobe back. And not a moment too soon. Because fall has spoken, and with rich colors like these, we’re all on the autumn bandwagon.

Red Hot

From deep burgundy to bright grenadine, red stands out in the fall crowd. Ideal for an accent piecesay a headband or even tightsred also rocks from center stage. (Crimson dress, anyone?) Even red’s cousin rose is holding its own this autumn. So don’t be afraid to think pink.

Yay for Gray (and Even Beige)

Balance out the bold with neutral shades of gray and beige. They play nicely with louder colors, while also blending beautifully together. Consider gray pants with a vibrant top, or nude shoes with a colorful dress.

Green Is a Go

Especially go-getters like kelly green, which pops on top, but really works well every which way. Or go for the gold. More specifically, golden lime. Look it up. Then take it and run with it.

In the Navy

Never fear. Navy is here. So give your blacks a break from duty and take comfort in this tried-and-true blue hue. Instantly add elegance with a shade that always plays nice.

Rust or Bust

Pantone’s color of the year also just happens to be the color of the season. So take this reddish-brown out on the town. And don’t be afraid to match at the pumpkin patch.

Out of the Blue

The weather isn’t the only cool in the game this season. A little summer slipped through the cracks in the form of marina blue. And fall couldn’t be happier about it.