It’s been a difficult year in terms of get-togethers and big celebrations. Even though gatherings may be different or even few and far between these days, that just means that giving a gift can have an even bigger impact. Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, holiday, graduation or just because, a gift is a simple way to brighten up someone’s day and show them that you care about their latest milestone.

1. Gift card

Gift cards are always a tried-and-true gift. If you don’t know the right size or just aren’t sure what the recipient would like best, you can’t go wrong here. Jane is especially a great place to get a gift card from because we have such a variety of items on the site and our selection changes every day.

2. Personalized items

Who didn’t love trying to find their name on items at gift shops growing up? Personalized items are such a fun way to celebrate a friend or family member. From tea towels to mugs to wall decor, there are so many unique ways to showcase your loved one’s name in a way that feels thoughtful and personal to them.

3. Hobby gifts

Think about the recipient’s interests. If you know they love to travel, pick up a travel tag for their luggage. If they’re into tech, there’s always plenty of accessories or new gadgets to grab for them. If you’re not sure but know they like activities, look for puzzles, board games or even coloring books.

4. Graphic tees

No matter what they’re into, there’s a graphic tee for that. Whether they’re a huge fan of TV shows like Friends, The Office or Parks and Rec, there’s almost always a graphic tee with a quote or character they’ll love. Maybe they’re loyal to certain brands like Starbucks or Chick-fil-A, we bet you can find something clever.

5. Home decor

Home decor is a fun gift because it can vary so much. From seasonal signs to timeless wall art to whimsical kitchen items and more, there’s such a big variety to suit your loved one’s tastes.

We hope these ideas have been helpful to you. Check out more ideas with our online gift guide that is updated daily with new items. What’s been one of your favorite gifts you’ve received recently?