The one where we tell you what your favorite FRIENDS characters would wear right now. Whether you’ve been a fan since the beginning or you’ve just recently watched the whole series, FRIENDS is still one of our biggest obsessions. The exciting thing is that some of the characters’ styles are timeless and now even some of the more trendy looks are back in. We’ve put together some ideas for how you can dress like a 2021 version of Rachel, Phoebe and Monica.


“Now, I need you to be careful and efficient. And remember: If I am harsh with you, it’s only because you’re doing it wrong.”

Short Sleeve Top & Floral Skirt

“Do you really think the best reason to get married is because you’re sorry?”

Maxi Dress

“Here’s the last of your boxes. I’m just going to label it ‘What were you thinking?”

Simply Plaid and Sneakers


“I’m Gonna Go Get One Of Those Job Things.”

The Little Black Dress

“Does This Look Like Something The Girlfriend Of A Paleontologist Would Wear?”

Simple Tee & Jeans

“Oh My God. I’ve Become My Father. I’ve Been Trying So Hard Not To Become My Mother, I Didn’t See This Coming.”

The Game Day Look


“Something Is Wrong With The Left Phalange.”

Classic Polka Dot Dress

“That Is Brand-New Information!”

Peace, Love, Denim & Tie-Dye

“They Don’t Know That We Know They Know We Know.”

Mock Neck Top & Button Down Dress

Which FRIENDS character has your favorite style? Comment below!