“So no one told you life was gonna be this way” could definitely be the theme of the last year or so. If you’re like us, you could not be more excited for the FRIENDS reunion. Like, we all NEED this, right? So, to celebrate this momentous occasion right, we put together a guide to help you and your friends throw the ultimate rewatch/reunion watch party when the new special premieres on HBO Max, May 27th. From the decor to the must-have food, we have everything you need for this get-together.

The One With The Decor

It doesn’t take much to transport your pals to New York. Of course you need the iconic yellow frame, whether you put it on a door or just use it as a centerpiece is up to you however.

Print off a big Central Perk logo and create a little coffee station. After all, if you’re watching several episodes, you’ll probably need some extra energy.

Show off some of your favorite quotes from the show with a letterboard, light box or simply printing some off and using frames to create a temporary gallery wall or placed around the room.

For the finishing touch, make sure your guests are extra cozy with soft throws and pillows.

The One With The Dress Code

It’s not a party without the right outfit, right? The best part is, you can go a variety of ways with this event. You can ask all your gal pals to dress up in their wedding dresses like Monica, Phoebe and Rachel…

Or you can make it a ‘90s party with everyone showing up in their favorite throwback styles.

You can even just make it a laid back, slumber party-type event with everyone wearing jammies or matching loungewear sets. It’s all up to you!

The One With The Food

Stick to the theme and create a dish based on each main character. Start with Ross’s turkey sandwich.

Not everyone is a fan of turkey, so try out Joey’s meatball sub.

Who can say no to mac and cheese? Whip up some of Chandler’s famous mac and cheese.

Got a sweet tooth? You MUST have Phoebe’s “Nestlé Toulouse” chocolate chip cookies.

It’s not a FRIENDS party without Rachel’s infamous trifle. Maybe skip the beef and the peas in your version.

And last but certainly not least, make Monica proud with this chai truffle tart, inspired by her mocklate dessert. 

Bonus dessert:

If you need even more sugar at the party, consider making your own cheesecake. We recommend not eating it off the floor however.

We hope this post helped give you some inspiration for your rewatch party. Check out our Friends Fashion post and share your favorite FRIENDS moment in the comments.