This summer is about to get a whole lot stranger — thanks to the premiere of Stranger Things season three! While the past two seasons were released on Halloween, the newest season will be released on July 4th and we couldn’t be happier. With warm weather and spooky nighttime noises to add to the ambiance, a backyard bash seems like the best way to celebrate the new season. To help make your premiere party perfect, Jane has you covered with free printables, fun tips and the best Stranger Things deals.


It’s not a party without guests! Let your friends know about your summer shindig with these Stranger Things themed printable invites.


Download them for free here.


All you need is a few touches to transport your guests to the town of Hawkins. First, hang some “Welcome to Hawkins” string lights along your fence or near the food table.


Another easy way to brighten your backyard is to string up some Christmas lights in honor of Joyce Byers.


Of course, the Christmas lights aren’t complete without the alphabet. Get some oversized balloons and draw letters on them with a Sharpie for the full Stranger Things effect.


 Fill one of these light boxes with your favorite quote from the show.


To create a movie screen, look no farther than your bed. Grab a white bed sheet, hang it up on your fence (we used string to attach it to the posts at the top), set up a phone projector in the back and presto! You’ve just made your own outdoor movie theater.


For the finishing touch, make your backyard space extra cozy with soft throws and fluffy pillows.


Remember the night by taking pics with these props. All you have to do is print them off, attach a paper using tape or hot glue and pose.

Download photo props here.

If you really want to show your Stranger Things spirit, these shirts are fabulous for any photo op. Shop them here, here and here.




Is it really a party without pizza? We think not. Order pizza for your fellow fans, paired with cans of Coke. The real question is: Can you crush them with your mind like Eleven? 

Make sure your guests save room for dessert, because these Eggo waffle cupcakes are the star of the meal. Whether you opt for homemade or store bought, these cupcakes are easy to make. All you need to do is toast Eggo waffles, cut them up, place them on top of your cupcake base and voila, an instant hit. 

Finally, put out some popcorn for your guests to snack on—and potentially spill when they get scared.


We hope this post helped give you some inspiration for your premiere party. Let us know in the comments if you’re planning on watching the new season of Stranger Things. You know we’ll be watching!