Easter Egg Decorating Tips and Tricks

April 3, 2015
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After you become a pro egg decorator, enter our Easter Egg Decorating Contest, you can check out the details here. Now onto those tips and tricks, because Easter Egg Dying is an art, and for some people it is rocket science. So if you’re asking yourself… are tips and tricks really necessary? The answer is YES. It’s no longer dunk-and-go, there’s a contest on the line. It’s time to get creative my friend.

10 Tips and Tricks for Awesome Easter Eggs

1- “Boil” multiple eggs at a time using your oven by Family Fresh Meals

2- Blow out yolk for a hollow Easter egg by All You

3- Black Board Art Eggs by Oleander and Palm

4- Ink Your eggs with some awesome tatts by Brit Co

5- Egg-mojis by The Decorated Cookie

6- Washi Tape Eggs by Lovely In Deed

7- Tye Dyed Eggs by Better Homes and Gardens

8- Little Chicky by Better Homes and Gardens

9- Glammed and Glittered by The Girl Inspired

10- Preserve Your Easter Egg Creations by Aunt Peaches

So what’s your favorite way to decorate Easter eggs? Let us know in the comments!