dorm decor

Summer is coming to an end and college life is around the corner. Nervous? Don’t be. Create your own personal home away from home with our 7 tips on creating the perfect dorm space. You’ve got this!

1. Make it Be-YOU-tiful

Dorm decor that portrays your personality can finally be a reality! Take this opportunity for decorative freedom and make it yours. Start with a cute print of your favorite quote.

2. Keep it cozy

College life can be hard. Add a cuddly throw or cute pillow to your bed and catch some much needed ZZZs after a long day of studying for A’s. Snag this one on Jane. 

3. Personalize with pictures

dorm decor

College life is about making new memories. What better way to showcase your pictures than with a picture wire.

4. It’s only temporary

Push your commitment issues aside and deck your dorm with removable décor. Hang pictures with Command hooks and decorate your walls with removable vinyl decals for a look that’s as fleeting as your first blind date.

5. Organization is key

dorm decor

It’s no lie, keeping a dorm clean can be tricky. Stay organized with adorable magnet boards or desk organizers.

6. Keep your heart close to home

Bring a few of your favorite items from home and add a little familiarity for when the homesickness sets in. Still sleeping with your baby blanket? It’s a judge-free zone.

7. Make room to study

dorm decor

Create a space that not only fosters learning, but looks totally cute as well. Add your favorite motivational quote or reminder to this mini felt board for an on-trend touch.

What are some of your favorite dorm decor tips? We’d love to hear ways you’ve created the perfect home away from home. And to shop all of our dorm decor, take a look here