What Happens When You’re Addicted to the Jane App

June 26, 2019

You feel GOOD. Why? Because between the little Instagram and Facebook apps on your phone screen, there’s that little white box with the eight little pink circles. The Jane appOH it just looks so good there. So cute! Practically begging you to open it and use it. I mean… how could you deny it? So here we go. Just one quick look can’t hurt… right?

And yeah, it was worth it because when those pretty little packages show up at your front door and you open them to reveal your new, cute outfit… I mean…this IS what heaven feels like… right? 

You decide to showcase your most recent haul  and test out your outfit at the lunch you’re having with all your girlfriends this week. Talk about perfect timing! You glide into that cute café feeling A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and your friends don’t let you down. They keep commenting… complimenting you on your new shirt… your pants.. those cute gold earrings you found at such a good deal. And as they fawn over you and your new look all you can say with a smile is:

“It’s Jane. It’s the deals on Jane.com” Immediately the questions start coming and pretty soon your entire girl gang has the app on each of their phones. It starts off innocent… a group message of daily deals and the best finds. The new shoes Jennifer bought… the gorgeous pillow set Ashley found. But then the packages start coming. I mean… more than you expected. WAY more than what your husband knows about. Soon you’ve memorized exactly when the postman arrives at your door and you’ve mastered the art of sneakily smuggling those delightful Jane packages into your closet. 

But it gets worse. 

You have an alarm set for 11:55 pm, so that every night you can silently slip into the kitchen and break out that bag of chocolate to accompany you as you work at record speed on the Jane app for those daily deals. 

Okay all cards on the table. If you’re being totally honest… sometimes you tell your family that you need to go run an errand… only to sit in your car in the parking lot outside of Trader Joe’s scrolling through the app for far longer than you intended. 

You should’ve seen the signs the first day after you opened that app. Who would’ve known it would get this bad?

You know you should really listen to Marie Kondo’s advice and not keep adding and adding to your stuff. But guess with Marie?! It DOES bring me joy! What am I supposed to do now? 

As months pass, you realize that you simply cannot keep living this secret life. Someone is going to find out. So you look at that little white app… so cute and happy and finally say to yourself, 

“We had some good times together… Black Friday shopping spree… Valentine’s Day deals… President’s Day finds… but I think I need some space… it’s not you.. it’s me.” And holding your breath to hold back the tears, you delete that cute little white app from your phone. 

Shouldn’t you feel better? Shouldn’t you feel complete? Probably… but there’s a little empty space where that app used to be. 

No longer do those darling little Jane packages *magically* show up at your front door. You keep opening up your closet with dismay and think, “Oh, but it’s all the same now.” That joy… that special ping of happiness.. yeah, that’s gone now. It’s hard to sleep… hard to eat thinking about all the deals you could be finding. What about all those small businesses? What are they going to do now? 

I mean…. YOU were helping them, right? You were actually attributing to the greater good. Didn’t you have a goal to reach out to others this month? Help someone? So using the Jane app is more for the benefit of them, right? Who are we kidding?! You were practically a saint when you had the Jane.com app!

Sounds like a good enough reason. It pays to be a loving individual. Your thought process leads you to the app store, and then before you know it, there it is again. A piece of your heart has returned. Back where it should be. Nestled in-between Instagram and Facebook. 

And once again, all is right in the world. 

Kid-Friendly Summer Bucket List (Includes FREE Printable!)

June 18, 2019

There is something magical about the summer season and all of the fun that can be had. The kids are out of school, the weather is hot, it stays light for a lot longer, and there is a vibe about summer that is enjoyable, relaxing, and ready for memory making. Looking for some exciting, adventurous activities to get the kids (and you!) out of the house while the weather is warm?  Cue a kid-friendly summer bucket list. Below are some great ideas that are budget conscious and sure to provide hours of amusement. Scroll below to read more about each idea as well as download our free pdf that you print and tote with you or hang on your fridge. Your kids will love the anticipation of each new adventure and checking off the activities.


Download free printable here.


  • Make homemade popsicles
  • Go to a drive-in movie
  • Take a weekend getaway (Explore 12 of the most popular USA weekend destinations.)
  • Run through the sprinklers
  • Watch a movie in your backyard (Instructions on how to get started throwing an outdoor viewing party here.)
  • Set up a lemonade stand (Pass along these helpful tips to your kids.)
  • Color with sidewalk chalk (Allow these creative images to inspire your creations!)
  • Go for a long bike ride (There are a ton of great cycling apps out there. Find one that works best for your needs.)
  • Sleep on the trampoline
  • Go for a hike (Check out these apps to help you find trails you’ll love. AllTrails is a favorite of ours!)
  • Play night games outside (We love kick the can, capture the flag, and ghost in the graveyard!)
  • Have an outdoor picnic
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Build a tree fort
  • Visit a farmer’s market
  • Have a water balloon fight (We buy several packs of these every summer.)
  • Play with dish soap on the trampoline
  • Eat (a lot of) snow cones
  • Go to an outdoor concert
  • Go stargazing (Here are some helpful tips to get started.)
  • Grab your fishing pole
  • Crack an egg on a sidewalk (This could be an educational experiment.)
  • Fire up the BBQ
  • Go swimming anywhere you can

Let us know in the comments which activity you or your kids are most anticipating. Have fun creating memories!

Everything You Need to Throw a Stranger Things Party

June 12, 2019

This summer is about to get a whole lot stranger—thanks to the premiere of Stranger Things season three! While the past two seasons were released on Halloween, the newest season will be released on July 4th and we couldn’t be happier. With warm weather and spooky nighttime noises to add to the ambience, a backyard bash seems like the best way to celebrate the new season. To help make your premiere party perfect, Jane has you covered with free printables, fun tips and the best Stranger Things deals.


After all, it’s not a party without guests! Let your friends know about your summer shindig with these Stranger Things themed printable invites.


Download them for free here.


Now all you need is a few touches to transport your guests to the town of Hawkins. First, go ahead and hang some “Welcome to Hawkins” string lights along your fence or near the food table.


Another easy way to brighten your backyard is to string up some Christmas lights in honor of Joyce Byers.


Of course, the Christmas lights aren’t complete without the alphabet. Get some oversized balloons and draw letters on them with a Sharpie for the full Stranger Things effect.


Plus, fill one of these light boxes with your favorite quote from the show.


To create a movie screen, look no further than your bed. Grab a white bed sheet, hang it up on your fence (we used string to attach it to the posts at the top), set up a phone projector in the back and presto! You’ve just made your own outdoor movie theater.


For the finishing touch, make your backyard space extra cozy with soft throws and fluffy pillows.


Remember the night by taking pics with these props. All you have to do is print them off, attach a paper with tape or hot glue and pose.

Download photo props here.

If you really want to show your Stranger Things spirit, these shirts are fabulous for any photo opp. Shop them herehere and here.




Is it really a party without pizza? We think not. Order pizza for your fellow fans, paired with cans of Coke. The real question is: Can you crush them with your mind like Eleven? Make sure your guests save room for dessert, because these Eggo waffle cupcakes are the star of the meal. Whether you opt for homemade or store bought, these cupcakes are easy to make. All you need to do is toast Eggo waffles, cut them up, place them on top of your cupcake base and voila! An instant hit. Finally, put out some popcorn for your guests to snack on—and potentially spill when they get scared.

tranger-things-watch-party-cupcakes stranger-things-watch-party-table-detail

We hope this post helped give you some inspiration for your premiere party. Let us know in the comments if you’re planning on watching the new season of Stranger Things. You know we’ll be watching!