fall capsule wardrobe

If your closet is feeling cluttered or you’ve recently done a deep cleanout, you probably realized just how many things you own that you don’t actually wear anymore. In an effort to save time and money (no more impulse buys!), you might be looking for a more minimalist approach to your wardrobe. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. We’ve put together a variety of fall outfits you can create with just 15 staple pieces. That’s right, endless possibilities with just 15, on-trend yet timeless pieces.

Fall capsule items. Ruffled edge top, dress pants, layering tee, cream sweater, button-up shirt, pants, cardigan, jeans, pink sweater, corduroy jacket, black denim skirt.

The 15 Must-have Pieces This Fall

  1. Cream Sweater
  2. Tie-waist Dress Pants
  3. Layering Tee
  4. Corduroy Jacket
  5. Pink Sweater
  6. Ruffled-edge Tunic
  7. Olive Button-up Shirt
  8. Dark Wash Jeans
  9. Black Denim Skirt
  10. Burgundy Skinny Pants
  11. Cozy Cardigan
  12. Beige Crossbody
  13. Tan Backpack
  14. Comfy Midi-Dress
  15. Beaded Necklace

Here are some of our favorite ways to wear these items together.

An everyday ensemble? Skinny Pants + Layering Tee

women's fall outfit. skinny pants and layering tee.

Running errands or strolling through Target? Comfy Dress + Cream Sweater + Beige Crossbody Bag

women's fall outfit. comfy dress, cream sweater, and beige crossbody bag.

Heading on a walk with the kiddos? Dark Wash Jeans + Pink Sweater + Backpack

women's fall outfit. dark wash jeans, pink sweater, and backpack.

Feeling cozy? Skinny Pants + Cozy Cardigan + Necklace

women's fall outfit. skinny pants, cozy cardigan, and necklace.

Date night with the husband? Layering Tee + Corduroy Jacket + Tie-waist Dress Pants

women's fall outfit. layering tee, corduroy jacket, and tie-waist dress pants.

Last-minute meeting for work? Olive Button-up Shirt + Cozy Cardigan + Black Denim Skirt

women's fall outfit. olive button-up shirt, cozy cardigan, and black denim skirt.

Feeling girly? Pink Sweater + Burgundy Skinny Pants + Necklace

women's fall outfit. pink sweater, burgundy skinny pants, and necklace.

Brunch with the besties? Dark Wash Jeans + Olive Button-up Shirt + Beige Crossbody

women's fall outfit. dark wash jeans, olive button-up shirt, and beige crossbody.

Lunch with mom? Comfy Dress + Corduroy Jacket + Necklace

women's fall outfit. orange dress,  corduroy jacket, necklace.

Watching the kids’ football game? Dark Wash Jeans + Ruffle Edge Tunic + Corduroy Jacket

women's fall outfit. dark wash jeans, ruffle edge tunic, and corduroy jacket.

Feel free to let your creativity run wild! Would you ever try a capsule wardrobe? What pieces would you incorporate into yours?