Alexis would totally love this journey for you. If you’re obsessed with Schitt’s Creek then you know exactly what we mean. Alexis is an icon and we don’t blame anyone for wanting to emulate everyone’s favorite sister’s incredible style.

Love her look? We’ve put together a guide so you can be a little bit Alexis every day.

When you feel like being “so extra right now”

Even if you live in a small town, there’s no reason not to step it up from time to time. Slip on a mini dress or off-the-shoulder dress to copy Alexis’s look.

Tell that to me at 21, escaping the Yakuza.”

“I don’t want to brag, but Us Weekly once described me as ‘up for anything.'”

“You know what, David? You get murdered first for once.”

“But people love extreme vanity… and they love puppies!”

“Yeah, um, I was one of the original Pussycat Dolls.”

“Like, I think I’m wearing a wedding dress.”

Walk through life in really nice shoes

I mean, you deserve it.

“I told myself I would enjoy my own company tonight.”

“I’ve been traveling the world since I was a teen model, but something about this feels different.”

“Love that journey for me.”

I once passed off a mini horse and three guinea pigs as service animals, so anything is possible.”

“I didn’t go missing, David. The FBI knew where I was the entire time.”

“I used to text Zac Efron just, like, for a booty call. Poor thing would be pressing the buzzer before I even hit send.”

“A little bit” of accessories

Alexis is almost always wearing a big hat or statement-making jewelry. If it has a “boho” vibe Alexis would probably love it.

“I’m a Lamborghini, I’m a Hollywood star.”

“Lick rust.”

I actually got this in a swap with Sienna Miller. And by that, I mean it fell off her wrist at a Halloween party and I kept it.”

“Stop doing that with your face.”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned, when it comes to love, you can’t let the little things get in your way.”

“Anyway, I think it would be so great if we could just go around the room and everybody tell me, like, five things about yourself.”

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