Can you believe that Easter is almost here again? With most holiday celebrations being different from usual for the past year, we polled our followers on Instagram to get an idea of what Easter traditions your family celebrates that may differ from the usual activities. While they don’t have to be unique or unusual, we loved hearing about the fun ways your families get together this time of year. Here are some of the answers we received as well as some ideas for new traditions you may want to try out.

1. Carrot Cake Cookies for Easter Bunny

Similar to leaving cookies out for Santa, why not leave the Easter bunny a special treat? Like these carrot cake cookies.

2. Make a DIY Easter Bonnet 

Dressing up makes every holiday more fun. Create your very own silly Easter bonnet and wear it all day long.

3. Egg Time Capsule 

Have your kids write a letter to themselves that you can place inside a plastic egg to read next Easter. This is a fun way to look back and reflect on how they’ve changed and grown over the past year.

4. Shell Crack Game

Looking for fun activities on Easter afternoon? Give this one a try. Each person gets their own hard-boiled egg and pairs up with someone else. Each person tries to smash the small ends of the egg together. The one with an unbroken shell at the end advances to the next round. Keep pairing up and going against each other until one uncracked egg remains.

5. Plant a Jelly Bean Garden

Surprise the kiddos on Easter morning with a jelly bean garden. The night before Easter, have the kids put a handful of jelly beans in the dirt outside. After they go to sleep, replace each one with a lollipop. In the morning take them outside to see the fun surprise that “grew” overnight!

6. Build Your Own Kite

Build your own kite using colored paper and string. After you’re done making it, you can all go outside to fly it.

7. Make Your Breakfast More Colorful

Let your Easter breakfast get a little more colorful by making rainbow pancakes in the morning. You could also pair it with omelets.

8. Liven Up Your Egg Hunts

Add a twist to your usual Easter egg hunts. If your kids are older, let them try their hand at an Easter egg hunt in the dark. To change it up for the little ones, have them wear bunny ears and make them hop from egg to egg.

9. Secret Easter Bunny Baskets 

Instead of leaving the Easter baskets out, why not make it a scavenger hunt to find them? Come up with clues and make it into a game. Leave a trail of Skittles where the Easter bunny was in the house.

What are some of your family’s favorite Easter traditions? Will you be trying out any of these ideas this year?