5 Ways to Stop Your Relentless Decorating

April 13, 2016

5 Ways to Stop Your Relentless Decorating
Your bank account is dipping dangerously low and your credit card balance is sky high. Yep, you guessed it: you’ve gone too far with your home decorating obsession. Here’s how to say ‘no’ to your next purchase and be happy with your home the way it is.

Make a list

First, make a list of all the major items you want to buy, how much they cost, and where you will find them. This will force you to slow down and think of your long game. And with all that time you have from slowing down, you’ll have time to bargain-shop. Shop online for boutique items at a fraction of the price.

One in, one out

Be ruthless and only buy replacements. If you can’t bear the thought of curbing your old, overstuffed armchair in favor of something brand new, don’t. Reupholster it instead, or buy cute throw pillows. But whatever you take home, make sure you throw something else out.

Set aside cash

Your laser-like focus on textiles should not take over your reasoning powers. Save up your cold, hard cash in envelopes labeled with what you want to buy next.

Avoid your favorite stores

If you can’t say no to loading up your car and your card, make a point to avoid temptation. Go out for coffee with a friend instead of shopping. Or join a bowling league, take up chess, or go for a run.

Set realistic expectations

I love me some Pinterest as much as the next girl, but I had to seriously reconsider my addiction when I started feeling inadequate because my home didn’t look like what I saw on the web. There’s nothing wrong with wishful thinking, but you’ve gotta know your limits.