No joke, April Fools’ Day is days away. If you’re looking for laughs, but don’t have time to plan an elaborate prank, we’ve got what you need. Check out this list of hilarious, harmless and easy pranks we’ve compiled just for you. Perfect for pranking anyone from your coworkers to your kids, so get ready for gut-busting laughs.

5 simple and easy april fool's day pranks

For Kids

Jello Juice

Fill up a glass with jello, insert a straw and sit back and watch your kids struggle. Via Today.


Who doesn’t love a sweet after school treat? Offer your kids a brownie, which actually turns out to be a brown letter E! Via Today.

For Friends

Mayo Oreos

Swap out Oreo cream for Mayonnaise and serve. Gross? Yes. Funny? Definitely. Make sure you have some regular Oreo cookies left over to make up for it. Via Bustle.

For Coworkers

Caramel Onions

Be an evil genius and show up to work with a box of caramel “apples” for all your coworkers. Via Bored Panda.

Confetti Ceiling Fan

Cut up paper into little confetti pieces and carefully place them on top of a ceiling fan (make sure the fan is off first). Wait for an unsuspecting coworker to switch on the fan and get showered with confetti like she just won a game show. Via Best Life.

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