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Cute Tutu Dresses - Available in 34 Colors Options!


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Product Description

Tutus are great for parties, photos, dress-up, parades, recitals, everyday wear or a fun and unique halloween costume for that princess or rockstar. All dresses come with a detachable flower and fit newborn to approximately 2 years.


  1. White top with black bottom
  2. All black
  3. Blue top with blue and white bottom
  4. All blue
  5. White top with pink and brown bottom
  6. Brown top with brown and blue bottom
  7. White top with brown and white bottom
  8. All brown
  9. Burgundy top with white bottom
  10. All burgundy
  11. Green top with yellow, orange and pink bottom
  12. White top with white and green bottom
  13. All green
  14. Lavender top with lavender and pink bottom
  15. White top with lavender and white bottom
  16. All lavender
  17. Blue top with white and red bottom
  18. White top with lavender and pink bottom
  19. White top with pink and dark pink bottom
  20. White top with pink and white bottom
  21. All pink
  22. All light pink
  23. White top with red and white bottom
  24. White top with red bottom
  25. All red
  26. White top with white and blue bottom
  27. White top with burgundy bottom
  28. All light green
  29. All purple
  30. All yellow
  31. All white
  32. All cream
  33. All turquoise
  34. All hot pink

Seller Profile

Giggle Bug


$5.00 for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship by Oct 6.

Fine Print

No limit per household.


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