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$4.99 | Cardboard Box Airplane Stickers - back for more Indoor Fun

Cardboard Box Airplane Stickers - back for more Indoor Fun
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All kids love playing with cardboard boxes.

Our airplane sticker activity kits help your child’s creativity and imagination soar as they build their own realistic box airplanes. These little planes are a fun craft activity and become a treasured toy.

Activity kit includes:

- Two 11” x 12” sheets of stickers your kids will use to customize their own box airplane.

- A fun learning guide that teaches your child about the instruments and gauges in a real airplane cockpit.

- “Top Secret” tutorial to help quickly build a fun looking airplane

**13 yr old entrepreneur Noah Cahoon started his toy company to share a favorite activity he used to do with his dad; making cardboard box airplanes. He launched his business in Oct 2013 and is growing quickly. We've heard that he's actively working to on some great new vehicles as he builds his business.**

****Help us support Noah on this his second listing at Jane. Its great to see a young kid taking steps to live the American dream. *****


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Box Pilots, LLC


$1.00 for the first item and $0.50 for each additional item. US only. Estimated to ship between Jan 31 - Feb 3.

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