#VeryThankfulFor Photo Challenge

November 22, 2014

Hey hey! Thanksgiving is just a few days away and with a 3-day work week and the busiest shopping day of the year, I presume it’s going to be a pretty darn awesome week. And… we are about to make your Thanksgiving week that much funner (yep there’s that non-existence word I love to use). Thanksgiving is always full of fun, family traditions and we want to add to the excitement by throwing a little photo challenge out there!


The Challenge “Rules” (more like guidelines)

1) Post a new challenge photo each day to your Instagram feed and use hashtag #VeryThankfulFor

2) Tag @veryjane (that’s our Instagram account)

3) See your pictures pop up on our Wall of Fame at the bottom of this blog post throughout the week — A little claim to fame for your liking! We’ll also be regramming a few awesome photos throughout the week on our Instagram account.

Jane.com #VeryThankfulFor Instagram Photo Challenge

The Challenge begins tomorrow Sunday, November 23 with “One Big Happy Family”

Day 1: One Big Happy Family (Sunday)
Day 2: Friends Forever (Monday)
Day 3: My Beautiful Surroundings (Tuesday)
Day 4: The Clothes On My Back (Wednesday)
Day 5: What’s On My Plate (Thursday – Thanksgiving)

Alright friends… Let the challenge begin. Rummage through your photo library or get the kids ready for an impromptu photo shoot, I want to see the “One Big Happy Family” you are #VeryThankfulFor.

Day 1 Highlights – One Big Happy Family

The beautiful Britt’s Fav Things is starting us off with her “One Big Happy Family” Aren’t those little redhead goddesses adorable? If you love glitter, glam and throwing parties make sure to follow @brittsfavthings

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Day 2 Highlights – Friends Forever

You showed us your Friend Forever, wanna know which friends we are #VeryThankfulFor? All of you! Our followers pretty much rock. Wait, forget pretty much, you all just plain rock! Keep the photos coming and make sure to use the hashtag #VeryThankfulFor so we can see your pretty faces, and the pretty faces of your friends!

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Day 3 Highlights – My Beautiful Surroundings

The amazingly crafty @kami_sweetcharli is definitely surrounded by some beauty! Check out these gorgeous ornaments she and her lovely girls handcrafted. You can also be #VeryThankfulFor “Beautiful Surroundings” like these! For more amazing crafts, recipes and pretty much anything fabulous head on over to SweetCharli.com. Kami is pure genius I tell ya.

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Day 4 Highlights – The Clothes on My Back

J’s Every Day Fashion is looking adorably festive in the “Outfit On Her Back”. Does she not have the cutest style ever? Major closet envy is happening over here! If your looking for a style icon you may have just met your new best friend. Follow @jseverydayfashion for some fun style ideas! Thinking that scarf is mighty fly? You can find it’s twin sister on Jane.com


What’s better than one perfectly put together Allen? Two perfectly put together Allen’s. The gorgeous @morgallen is showing us “The Outfit On her Back”. I’d be #VeryThankfulFor that adorable outfit too! Have you seen anyone rock boot cut jeans better? Oh, we can’t forget about her trusty—might I add fashionable—side kick sporting an equally rock star outfit. Are they not the cutest duo? Like Mother like daughter I tell ya.

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Day 5 Highlights – What’s on My Plate

Not only does Stephanie from @ohsodelicioso make the best food in the world, she makes the cutest kids too! Today she is #VeryThankfulFor “What’s On Her Plate”, being a momma to these two littles. Might I add that they are cute enough to be gobbled right up? Just sayin, seriously though, pure perfection. If you are looking for a blog to fill your plate up with plenty of recipes to be Oh So #VeryThankfulFor (see what I just did there?) you might want to head to their blog, or follow them on Instagram. Wait I have a better idea, do both! Then you will never miss an opportunity to have a plate, bowl or cup full of some of the best food ever! Mmmm.

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Photo Challenge Wall of Fame

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National Parfait Day

November 25, 2014

Happy National Parfait Day! Isn’t the word Parfait kind of fun to say. It makes me feel all French like. Parrrrfait! Well, while I practice saying parfait in a French accent, you should be looking into which Parfait you are going to make for tonight’s big day! I searched the web for the tastiest looking parfaits. I mean my mouth was drooling. I had to control myself from licking the screen!! It was bad.

Click on the pictures to find the recipe. Now go out and celebrate you little Parfait-ing fool!

Berry Parfait

Oreo Cheesecake Parfait

Smores Trifle

Peanut Butter Parfait

Pumpkin Parfait

Brownie Batter Parfait

Samoa Cheesecake Parfaits

Black Friday Tricks of the Trade

November 21, 2014

Jane.com Black Friday Sales
Black Friday is one week away (technically less since stores are now opening on Thursday) are you geared up and ready to go? If you plan on heading out into the gruesome cold with all those crazies (me included) head out prepared. I compiled a little list of some Black Friday Tricks. Have fun my fellow shoppers, have fun!

Oh…and of course, I should mention that Jane.com has some pretty awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales coming up.

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Now onto the list…

  1. Make a game plan: If you want to make the most out of your Black Friday shopping experience, make a game plan. Figure out which stores you want to go to, what times they are opening, and which ones will have hot sellers. Draw up a little map of where you are planning on going and which ones you will head to first.
  2. Recruit a Partner: Not only will it make your Black Friday shopping experience that much funner (I know it’s not a word but is there a better ‘real’ word?) it will make it that much easier too. Just think, you both run in to the chaotic store, one heads to the massive line and the other dives into the mosh pit of disheveled shoppers in hopes of grabbing that hot seller. (We will leave it up to you on determining roles)
  3. Compare Prices: Last year I hit the mother load when I realized Walmart will price match any ads on Black Friday. Say What?! Yes, we hit up a loner Walmart that wasn’t crowded and I was able to pick up everything almost everything on my list and didn’t even have to wait in that long of line. Side note, if you choose to ad match, make sure to bring the ads with you.
  4. Check Online: Some stores offer the same online price as they do in-store. It’s always nice doing a little Black Friday shopping from the comfort of your couch, or from the crazy line of another store.
  5. Plan ahead: If you are in the market for a TV or electronic and are hoping to score one on Black Friday, come prepared. Those items will go fast and if you aren’t there with the seasoned shopping veterans at the front of the line (that they probably waited overnight for) then consider it a loss. My suggestion? Hit up Costco. They don’t open until 9:00 am Thanksgiving so you can do your overnight shopping and still make it to Costco in time to head up the beginning of the line.
  6. Have Fun: So many people get worked up over Black Friday shopping. Was 3 hours in line really worth the $10 savings, maybe not, but I sure had a fun time watching all the crazy shoppers, staying up late with good friends, and pretending I was getting smoking deals. Have fun and relax. It’s all fun and games until someone gets trampled to death over a toy. Seesh
  7. Wait until Cyber Monday: If you didn’t get the item you wanted at the price you wanted, wait until Cyber Monday or right before Christmas. Most retailers mark their items down again. Maybe not as much as they did on BF but enough to save a little bit of cash.
  8. Take a Black Friday Hangover Selfie: I know hope I am not the only one that looks like a hot mess the day after a whole nights worth of shopping. I mean really, can you top this?