Back to Work Outfits You Love

October 24, 2014

No, being a fashion icon is not one of the requirements for working at although after this post I might beg to differ. I asked our gorgeous models to show us their favorite Back To Work Outfits. I think you might die when you see what they came up with. Fashionistas  I tell ya. Lucky for me I get to pick up on their fashion tips everyday. Lucky for you, I broke down their outfits so you too can master their fashion skills.


Brooke is like a little vampire goddess with her dramatic lipstick and leather ensemble. “My favorite piece of this go-to outfit are the faux leather leggings that, BTW, came from! They are super comfy, super flattering and yes, I own them in black as well.”

back-to-work-4 brookes-look

Rosalie’s timeless outfit features a few of the classics that wrap up her perfectly put together attire. I am kind of obsessing over her Gingham shirt by the way. “High waisted pants are a must! If you don’t own a pair I highly recommenced you add them to your jean collection. Give them a try, your booty will thank you.”

back-to-work-5 rosalie-looks


Jessica is the queen of conquering casuals and has the perfect fashion forward style. Oh and she has amazing hair too. “I kind of love my Birkenstocks. They tie a casual outfit together by adding just enough style but still keeping things simple. It’s going to be a long hard winter with them just sitting in my closet looking pretty.”

back-to-work-6 jess-look


Our cute Jane Girls hard at work. And to think modeling isn’t even their day job. #pros.

back-to-work-1 back-to-work-2


Celeb Closet: Kate Middleton

October 23, 2014

One of my favorite all time Celeb Closets was one of yours too! It’s hard not to love Kate Middleton’s style. It’s as classy and as stylish as a wardrobe can get. But come on, would you expect anything less? She’s royalty, and absolutely gorgeous at that.


Fantastic Fascinator

I really wish I had one of these fancy hats! Well, and a super upscale event to wear it at. I don’t think Café Rio is the best venue for a fascinator.

Military Dresses

One of my favorite looks of Kate’s. The military style buttons are so sophisticated. I seriously wouldn’t mind doing a clothing swap with her. Think she’d be up for it? I am sure she has a few outfits she wouldn’t mind swapping in for my Utah Stay At Home mommy look.

Knee Length Dresses

I love how classy she is. In all the searching I have done on Kate’s wardrobe I never came across a trashy looking outfit. It definitely has a lot to say about her character.

Simple Pumps

Sticking with the classics is such a great piece of fashion advice. Kate does it perfectly with traditional items. Trends come and go but the classics never die.

Statement Necklaces and Gorgeous Collars

What I would give to have one of her necklaces. Sooo gorgeous! It amazes me how much a simple (okay not so simple) collar can make a huge difference on an outfit. It just makes it look complete. Don’t you think?

DIY Distressed Wooden Turkey

October 22, 2014
How To: Distressing DIY Wooden Turkey

Is this wooden monogrammed turkey not the cutest fall decor ever? We have our friends from Unfinished Wood Co. showing us how to paint and distress this adorable turkey friend. The best part…it’s available on today! You can find this one and an equally adorable Monogrammed Leaf as well. Read through the steps, gather your supplies, set your alarm, snatch the Turkey on and get ready for a craft party. It’s the perfect addition to your holiday spread.

What You’ll Need:

  • 675 Turners Yellow
  • 602 Country Twill
  • 938 Licorice
  • 920 Autumn Leaves
  • 741 Glazed Carrots
  • 20501 Bright Red
  • 20511 Brown Oxide
  • 951-Apple Spice
  • 230 Early American Stain
  • 122 Round brush
  • 1” Sponge brush
  • Pencil
  • Stiff stencil brush or old toothbrush
  • Large stiff round brush for stain
  • Cotton cloth rag
  • Water
  • Paint pallet
  • Sanding block medium or hand sander medium sand paper
  • Table cover
  • Paper towels

Step 1-9 

DIY Distressed Turkey Steps 1-9

1- Gather your paint, paint pallet, variety of brushes, and a pencil.

2- Begin Painting with the your base color. Start with the edges, because the paint will bleed onto the front. This way you won’t have to go over the top again and you can use the extra paint that runs over to the front.

3- Continue painting each side and crevice. Make sure you are turning your turkey at all angles so you are covering each part of the wood.

4- Once all the sides are covered, you can now move onto the front of the Turkey.

5- Using a large foam brush, cover the front of the Turkey with your same base color paint.

6- Once the entire front and sides of the Turkey are painted — lay your turkey out to dry.

7- Once your turkey is completely dry, take a pencil and sketch the area that you will want to make the feathers. We just followed the natural curve to get our line.

8- Now take your pencil and make lines where you want the beak and wattle to be. You can also make a line where you want to feet to stop.

9- Paint the feet yellow and then use the same color to start painting spaced out yellow feathers onto your turkey.

Steps 10-18 

DIY Distressed Turkey Steps 10-18

10- Next, pick up your orange color and begin to do the same thing. Randomly placing colors apart from each other. **Don’t forget to paint the sides as you go or you’ll have a one dimensional Turkey!

11- We are now picking up the brown color and are starting to blend some of the colors together.

12- Now take your red and repeat the same process. Blend and make sure all the feathers are covered. Again, make sure you take your color all the way to the edge so you don’t have a harsh line.

13- This is what your turkey should look similar to before we begin sanding.

14- Take your sander and start to distress your turkey. Really focus on the edges and then be creative with where you else you want to sand. **Remember wherever you sand, those places will pick up more of the stain.

15- If you do not own a sander, you can use a sanding block or even coarse sand paper will work to get the same distressed look.

16- This is what your turkey should look like after you have sanded your turkey. Now you are ready to stain.

17- Take a very stiff brush and begin to add stain to your Turkey. Start from the back so you have a “finished” back as well.

18- As you are staining, it’s okay if the front looks messy like the photo. As soon as you set it down and stain the front, it will all blend together nicely.

Steps 19-27

DIY Distressed Turkey Steps 19-27

19- Finish staining the back so it doesn’t look lighter and darker.

20- Turn your turkey to the front side so you can begin to stain the front. Cover the entire front. As soon as you finish covering your turkey, take an old rag and wipe off the stain. The stain will stick to the sanded down places and give it an entirely different look.

21- This is what your turkey will look like after you wiped your stain off.

22- Now you are ready to add the black sparkle look. This is the final touch. Add some black paint to your tray.

23- Now add some water to the black paint to thin It out a bit.

24- Take a stiff brush or even an old toothbrush and run your finger across the brush in a flicking motion so small specks adhere to the turkey. This is a bit messy so make sure you have covered the area.

25- You can do as much or as little as you would like until you get the desired look.

26- This is what your turkey will look like after you have speckled it with black paint.

27- Here is the final product after it has dried. Now you are ready to stick it in a wreath, use it as the centerpiece of your thanksgiving feast, or bring it as a gift for the host of your Thanksgiving Dinner this year.