Teacher Appreciation Gifts

August 28, 2015

School is back in session and kids are looking mighty spiffy in their back to school get up. I am sure your kid’s teachers have been working overtime to get things ready for the beginning of the school year and deserve a little thanks. So we teamed up with one of our awesome Jane sellers, Dub Dub Designs, to bring to you an adorable free printable for those teachers in your lives. It’s never to early to get on their good side.

Find more adorable prints from Dub Dub Designs on their Etsy page or look for their prints on Jane.com!

Download the Teacher Appreciation Printables.

Everyday Organizing in 10, 30, and 60 Minutes

August 26, 2015
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We are beyond thrilled to have Kelsey from Your Life Revamped share some of her favorite organizing tips! She is like the superwoman of organization and can turn any cluttered mess into a masterpiece. Take it away Kelsey!

I am so pleased to be visiting Jane today! Thank you so much for having me and inquiring about organization. Let’s get started! No matter how busy your schedule is, there’s always more time than you think to get organized. While it can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re in a time crunch, you can use even ten minutes productively. Today I want to teach you ways you can organize your life and keep it that way, creating order in a world of chaos.  I’ve got organizational ideas for several timetables, including 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes to make sure you make the most of your time and maximize the functionality of your living space.

For me, when I open a messy closet, ideas begin to fly! However, most people avoid the clutter because it does take A LOT of mental, emotional, and physical effort to get started. When I meet a new client, the first thing we work on together is stepping back to see the big picture—we breathe, make a plan, and begin the process of tackling the space we are looking to transform. Organization is such an underrated necessity. So many people that I’ve met tell me repeatedly how great an impact this process has on them. I’ve even had people say such transformative things like, “by organizing my life you have literally saved my marriage.” I can’t confirm that I’ve ever saved a marriage, but it is true that most of us don’t see the damage clutter can create in our minds and our relationships.

Let’s start with the 10-minute pick up:

Each night before you head off to bed spend 10 minutes picking up the clutter that has accumulated that day. Collect the toys, clothes, backpacks that have inevitably been strewn about with everyday carelessness. This will make your morning routine so much easier. I promise! One way to make this process even smoother would be to incorporate totes on the stairs or another “catchall” area with each member in the home’s name on them. This way you can start the process by separating these items from the get go, hopefully allowing things to land where they need to go much easier.

Everyday Organizing in 10, 30, and 60 Minutes - 10 minutes pickup

Moving along to a 30-minute clean out:

Take 30 minutes just once a week to clean out your fridge and/or pantry. This is a great time to make a list for next week’s groceries during the sweep, as you ditch expired food and take inventory of what you have on hand. This allows you to avoid overbuying and makes putting away groceries a breeze! If you always keep these notoriously cluttered areas cleaned out, they will stay more organized and you’ll get more out of your wallet by not wasting items.

30 minute pickup - before 30 minute pickup - after 30 minute pickup - before 30 minute pickup - after 30 minute pickup - before 30 minute pickup - after

Ok, now for the 60-minute paper patrol:

Take one hour out of your week to keep the “paper” under control. Keep a separate little bag or compartment in your purse for receipts and balance your budget with them during this time each week. Assemble a station for mail and your kids’ paper they bring from school. This station could be in your mud room, in your kitchen, or in the office—whatever makes the most sense for your family—it just needs to be a space that makes it easy drop your paper into in a somewhat central area of your home that you’ll want to remain organized. This will help you make a priority to clean up once a week. During this allotted hour file, shred, and organize items into memorabilia. Have fun with this task and create ideas that work well with the flow of your household and your family!

60 minute paper organization organizing life

Organization is life changing, people, I have seen it! Please send any ideas or questions my way!

6 Things You’d Never Do To An Adult

August 24, 2015
Jane.com - 6 Things You'd Never Do To An Adult

There are a list of things my children absolutely hate and fight me on multiple times a day. These aren’t crazy things like chores, or forcing them to eat their veggies. They are daily tasks that I just couldn’t figure out why they didn’t like them, until they were done to me…

So then it dawned on me, if I don’t like such and such thing, why would my children allow me to do it without hesitation? Of course they are going to fight and refuse, because it’s uncomfortable and downright annoying. So here is my list; 6 things I hate as an adult that I do to my kids.

1. Cold lotion after a bath:

How horribly uncomfortable is this? You just had a nice hot shower or bath and then bam; you are slathered with ice-cold lotion. A perfect way to quickly end the euphoria of a relaxing bath.

2. Wiping a messy face:

I absolutely hate my face to be touched by anyone, even if there is a cloth barrier between their skin and my visage. Plus when you are wiping someone else’s face, you don’t really know the pressure that has to be applied in order to get it clean. No wonder they hate it.

3. Fixing a snotty nose with a baby wipe:

Talk about painful. If you have a constant runny nose, the kind that you’ve wiped so much it is now raw, and want to add a little sting to the already sensitive skin, try wiping it with a baby wipe, use scented if you want the pain to be increased. No wonder my daughter squirms and screams. It hurts!

4. Using a cold hose for clean up:

Every year we rent a beach house in Newport. Every time we come back from the beach we hose down out back to get all the sand off and every time my kids SCREAM and squirm as I try and get the sand out of every crevice of their body. But you better believe I am getting that cold hose nowhere near me except for my feet and possibly my legs!

5. Waking them from a deep sleep:

I could never figure out why they were so darn ornery if I woke them up to take them somewhere or to get ready in the morning. I mean they absolutely refuse going to bed, wouldn’t they be more than happy to be awakened from that miserable chore? I mean, I absolutely hate being woken up from my wonderful slumber but the difference is I LOVE having to go to bed.

6. Napping in jeans:

Or even making them wear them in the first place! Heaven knows I live in my yoga pants so why do I squeeze my littles into those uncomfortable things and make them sport them all day long?? Because they look so darn cute of course. There are usually no complaints that come from them but sometimes I just cringe at the thought of sleeping in jeans as I lay my toddler in his bed.

Am I going to change the way I parent, and stop myself from doing these annoying duties? Probably not, but I may offer a little more sympathy while doing them. What are some annoying things you do to your kids?? We’d love to know!