How To: Bust the Winter Blues

January 28, 2015

Wintertime (like pictured above) is absolutely breath taking. The problem is, winter isn’t so picture perfect. After the holidays I start to get a little anxious and some seasonal depression starts kicking it. Now keep in mind, this is self prescribed seasonal depression and my tips and tricks may not solve your unique case. So don’t hold me to anything. If your case is serious, see a doctor, but you could keep reading too if you’d like ;) So here are my tips on How To: Bust the Winter Blues.

  1. Open the blinds and let the sunshine in. Misery loves company and I swear misery loves dark rooms too. If you are feeling gloomy, open the blinds to let the light in! A small dose of sunshine is the perfect way to start the day. The first thing I do in the morning is open up all the blinds, yep I am that person. If you are in a city that has a wintery gloom I have heard Happy Lights help ;)
  2. Get some fresh air! Being cooped up inside really takes a toll on my winter blues. A quick breath of fresh air, even if it’s only to the mailbox and back, does a soul good! It amazes me how stress seems to fly out the windows when we take a break from the house and the work that comes with it, and just chill outside for a minute.
  3. Establish an exercise routine. This doesn’t have to be anything crazy, a simple 10 min yoga sesh in your family room could suffice. Get your blood moving and your heart pumping. Plus I heard this great quote once that bikini bodies are sculpted in the winter. And the idea of sculpting a nice summer bod is sure to take the blues away.
  4. Bake cookies! The smell of fresh baked cookies makes everyone happy :) But if you are going to take part in the above tip, I’d suggest keeping this one to a minimum.
  5. Talk with friends often. When it’s cold outside and playdates are few and far between, mom life can feel a bit lonely. Add that to a grey sky and no sunshine and you have yourself a recipe for winter blues. I try to have some sort of adult conversation a day. Whether that is through text message, phone or a face to face convo. It really helps me break up the mundane winter routine of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and fighting bad guys.
  6. Getaway! This is seriously my saving grace during the dreary Utah winters. We are lucky enough to live fairly close to God’s country, St. George. You can always count on good ole’ St G to offer blue skies no matter the temperature. A small taste of warmer weather may give you the energy and liveliness to make it through the rest of the winter! Or, it will taunt you with what you can’t have. Either or…

Well there you have it. A few tips to busting those nasty winter blues. The great thing about winter is it doesn’t last forever, unless you live somewhere where it does…. you’re on your own for that one. Peace out friend!


Olivia & Jane Giveaway Winners

January 26, 2015 + Olivia & Jane Giveaway

Last week’s giveaway from Olivia & Jane was a HUGE hit! These 3 lucky winners have been contacted by email with instructions on how to claim their prizes:

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  3. Debbie R. – $75 store credit from Olivia & Jane + $75 PayPal Cash

This Week’s Giveaway – KISSmeMINT + KISSmeMINT Giveaway
I could order pretty much everything from KISSmeMINT if I had an unlimited budget for stylish clothing. I think I should add that to my list from Santa this next year… an unlimited clothing budget! The good news for you is that you don’t have to wait to get in on some fun shopping from KISSmeMINT with our giveaway this week. 3 winners will win these prizes:

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Happy Spouse Day!

January 26, 2015
Spoil Your Spouse on Spouse Day

I’m not too sure who decided to put spouse day 2 1/2 weeks before Valentines Day but hey, it will give you a good excuse to to do something nice for your honey. Or just allows you to prep for V-Day. That sounds kind of nice, a little prep day. I think i’ll take it!

Whenever I think about doing something special for my man my I turn to the professionals, The Dating Divas. Please tell me you are familiar with these divalicious ladies. They have got you covered for all things relationship. From dating ideas to tips on looking good for your spouse, they are dedicated to strengthening marriages one date at a time. Can you tell I kind of love them??? Anyway, why re-invent the wheel? I compiled some of my favorite Dating Diva ideas on how to Spoil Your Spouse. I bet he will love coming home to a little something something.

Showered In Love: Although she catered this one towards Valentines Day, it would be fun to shower your man with love on a day that he least expects it, ie. Spouse Day. Her post also includes a link to some of the cutest love printables.

Man Can: Make your man a “Man Can”. I am pretty darn sure any man would love one of these! To spare myself from blushing, click on the link to see what kind of romantic goodies you could include in your guys, Man Can.

Happy Husband Kit: If you aren’t really looking for romance today (haha sorry had to laugh out loud for a second) make your guy a Happy Husband Kit instead. I am pretty sure he won’t mind coming home to a basket of his favorites. Don’t forget the cute printables. I am pretty sure that’s what make this gift more than just a basket of goodies (but I am pretty sure he wouldn’t mind that either).

50 Gift Ideas: If your love language is more of the ‘grab a quick gift and go’ type, check out the 50 quick and easy gift ideas for your men. You may want to keep this one handy for Birthdays, Anniversarys and Christmas. We are talking 50 ideas, and. they are all pretty darn good too.

101 Ways to Flirt With Your Spouse: And if your husband is more of the TLC type of guy, brush up on your flirting skills and read this list of ideas on how to flirt with your spouse. When you’re not in the dating scene, flirting can become a bit rusty… good thing the Dating Divas have our back!

So, are you ready to spoil your spouse? Or do you at least feel a little more prepped and ready for Valentines Day? Hopefully you answered yes to one of the two following questions. If not, all I have to say is Happy Spouse Day! Go get em tiger!